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Rheinauhafen April 2020 – Cologne

The Rheinauhafen (lit. Rheinau harbour) is a 15.4 hectares (38 acres) urban regeneration project in Cologne, Germany, located along the river Rhine between the Südbrücke (Southern Railway Bridge) and Severinsbrücke (Severin Bridge), just south of the inner city's historic old town. The new Rheinauhafen is home to numerous companies of the creative industry Photo equipment and lens: - Nikon...
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Tetraeder / Tetrahedron in Bottrop 2019

Photo equipment and lens: Fuji X-E2 XF 18-55 F 2.8 - 4 R LM OIS The Tetrahedron in Bottrop (German: Bottrop Tetraeder or officially Haldenereignis Emscherblick) is a walkable steel structure in the form of a tetrahedron with a side length of 60m, resting on four 9m tall concrete pillars. It is located in Read more