My passion for photography developed in the year 1982 when I was 14.

The passion started with travel and family photography. The equipment was an  Agfamatic 4000 (110  cartridge-based film format camera) and a Yashica FR1 - both cameras were the family travel equipment of my dad.

When i was 18 I bought my first camera, a Nikon F301.

Parallel to my studies in Economic Engineer in Karlsruhe, Macro and Microeconomics in Konstanz and Master of Business Administration in Essen I never lost my passion for photography.

At the end of the year 1998 I graduated with a Diplom in Business Administration.

I started working in 1999 as an SAP technical engineer and project coordinator.
Since 2008 i am a proficient Technical Project Manager with many years of experience in global IT projects. The activity of the Technical Project Manager is carried out parallel to my photographic works.

My professional photography path started in 2009 due to photo shoots for companies and private internet websites.

During the year 2014 the idea grew to turn my passion for photography into profession. The idea is to do photo shooting for both national and international clients.

In 2015 I officially registered as a photographer in the Chamber of Crafts in Düsseldorf (Germany).

Since November 2016 i am an official EPSON Digigraphie ® Artist.

Since July 2019 I am a member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS).