Tetraeder / Tetrahedron in Bottrop 2019

Photo equipment and lens:
Fuji X-E2
XF 18-55 F 2.8 - 4 R LM OIS

The Tetrahedron in Bottrop (German: Bottrop Tetraeder or officially Haldenereignis Emscherblick) is a walkable steel structure in the form of a tetrahedron with a side length of 60m, resting on four 9m tall concrete pillars. It is located in Bottrop, Germany, on top of the mine dump Halde Beckstra├če and serves as the town's landmark. It was opened on German Unity Day 3 October 1995.

The design is reminiscent of the Sierpinski tetrix: placing four half-size tetrahedra corner to corner and adding an octahedron in the middle, a full-size tetrahedron is formed; this process can be repeated recursively to form larger and larger tetrahedra.

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